Shin Pain Causes, Treatments & More

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Pain in the shin is a common leg injury. The majority of shin pain is caused by shin splints, an aching inflammation of muscle and bone well-known to runners and military recruits. Other conditions that involve shin pain are stress fractures and compartment syndrome. Stress fractures are microscopic bone cracks from repeated impact. Compartment syndrome is an adverse body reaction to the swelling of muscles and nerves during exercise.

The main root of shin pain, whether fracture, swelling or inflammation, is from overuse. As a result, shin pain generally responds well to management with rest and therapy.

The Shin: An Overview

The shin is the front of the lower leg. It's made up of two bones known as the tibia and fibula. The tibia is the biggest of these and one of the strongest bones in the body. Despite this, the shin is prone to pain and aches. Discomfort in this area is a common form of leg injury.

One reason for this is that the shin is filled with sensitive nerves, blood vessels and muscle attachments. Another reason is the amount of stress the region is forced to absorb from impact activities and walking afterward.

Shin Pain

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