10 Benefits of Lemon Water

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Lemons are citric fruits that are often used in cooking. They help give food a bit of zest and can really bring some dishes to life.

Usually very sour, lemon is not often used as a drink on its own but is often used to give drinks a bit more flavor. One such example is lemon water, and it also has various health benefits.

it is best to drink warm lemon water. Just take a fresh lemon and squeeze some into the water. How much you want to add is entirely up to you. You might want to squeeze the lemon into an empty cup first and then strain to prevent seeds and other items from getting into your drink.

Benefit #1: Boosts Immunity

All around us is a microscopic world of organisms that are too small to be seen by the naked eye. They live on our skin, in the air, and even on our food. For the most part, these organisms are quite harmless but there are some that can make us quite ill. The good news is that our immune system helps protect us from these.

As effective as it is, though, our immune system needs as much support from us as they can get. This includes eating the right foods, particularly those that are rich in vitamin C. The vitamin is well known for its ability to boost our immune system, and there is plenty of it in lemon water.

Lemon Water

Benefit #2: Balances pH

The pH scale is a metric that tells us just how acidic or alkaline something is. The pH balance of our bodies depends largely on what we eat and it is important to keep it within healthy levels. We have a tendency to eat foods that are on the acidic side, and this can lead to a condition known as metabolic acidosis.

If you are eating a diet that is too acidic, it is a good idea to complement your diet with foods that help balance the acidity. Lemon water is one such food so using it can help maintain your good health. Various products are available on the market that will let you know what your body’s pH balance is.

Benefit #3: Detoxifies The Liver

Detoxification of the body is done by our organs, particularly the liver and the kidneys. These do an excellent job, day in, day out, but they can sometimes become overwhelmed. It is a good idea to help them out when you can and one good way to achieve this is to consume lemon water.

Lemon water contains citrus bioflavonoids. These do a great job of helping to clean the liver and clear it of toxins. It also helps with the production of hydrochloric acid which also has a number of benefits. It is wise to enjoy some lemon water from time to time to help your liver and help keep your body clean from impurities.

Lemon Water

Benefit #4: Rehydrating

It can be difficult sometimes to keep hydrated, particularly on a hot sunny day. We can also find it difficult to rehydrate in the mornings, after all, it is usually around 8 hours since we last had a drink. Even water cannot do the trick sometimes, leaving us feeling as though our thirst is not quite quenched.

Lemon juice, however, is full of electrolytes and potassium, both of which can help to rehydrate your body. This can help to make you feel refreshed quicker. It can also help to freshen up your mouth. It can be a great choice for people who have had quite a heavy night on the town the evening before.

Benefit #5: Aids Digestion

In addition to helping to clean the liver, lemon water can also help keep your digestive system to work well overall. Lemon water has been shown to help stimulate the production of bile. This is a substance that helps the digestive system to break down various substances such as lipids. This helps us to break down our food and get the nutrition we need from it.

A healthy digestive system is important to us in various ways. It helps to make sure we have the energy we need, building blocks for growth and maintenance and makes sure we have what we need to fight off disease.

Lemon Water

Benefit #6: Makes Water More Interesting

Water is one of the healthiest drinks we could have. It isn’t very interesting, though, having little to no taste. This means that people are often likely to opt for more interesting refreshments instead. Such refreshments are often high in sugar content and other ingredients that are not good for our health.

Adding some fresh lemon to a glass of water, though, can help to make it somewhat more appealing. This is a good way for people on weight loss diets to enjoy a tasty drink while cutting down on the calorie intake. It also helps to give us fresh breath, making it a good choice if you are just about to go out somewhere.

Benefit #7: Coffee Substitute

For many of us, the day would be so much harder without the occasional tea or coffee to keep us going. While these popular beverages can help to give us just the pick-me-up we need on a long day, they do not come without their drawbacks. The active ingredients, mostly caffeine, can disrupt sleeping patterns and make people feel anxious.

If you do wish to kick the coffee/tea habit for whatever reason then you might find it harder than you expect. This is because caffeine is a drug, and our bodies can form a dependency on it. People that drink lemon water, however, tend to find that they have no cravings for coffee or tea throughout the day.

Lemon Water

Benefit #8: Clear Skin

Every day, countless people across the planet do what they can to keep their skin smooth and clear. This is not always easy, though, and many of us can experience problems such as blemishes, wrinkles and spots no matter how hard we try. Even many of the best and most expensive cosmetic products will do little to help us.

If you are struggling to maintain a clear complexion, though, the answer to your prayers may be in lemon water. Lemon water contains anti-oxidants that help prevent damage to your skin while they also have anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps to stimulate the production of collagen, which helps to keep our skin smooth and supple.

Benefit #9: Boosts Metabolism

Our metabolism is the chemical processes that help give us the energy we need from the food we eat. Different people tend to have different metabolic rates, which change the rate at which they burn up their food. Those with a high metabolism will burn it up faster. Those with lower metabolism will convert the food into stored fat.

Increasing the metabolism is one way to lose weight because it will cause an increase in the rate at which you burn energy. Lemon water can help you with this and it is recommended to people that are on a weight-loss diet.

Benefit #10: Promotes Dental Health

A toothache is no fun, and neither are trips to the dentist. With that in mind, it is best to keep your teeth in good condition. This is usually done with teeth brushing and flossing which help to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth. This helps protect the teeth and the gums, keeping them as healthy as possible.

There are other ways to keep your mouth in good health, though. Drinking lemon water will help destroy the bacteria that causes decay. This will help keep both the teeth and the gums safe. Remember, though, that the drink’s acidity can cause erosion, so it should not be allowed to linger for too long.

Lemon Water

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