10 Causes of Eye Twitching

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Eye twitching is common and typically benign, meaning not a serious medical condition. It may occur suddenly and seem to be out of nowhere. The eye twitching can range from obvious to not noticeable. Typically, eye twitches may feel stronger than they actually appear to someone looking at your eye. This is actually called myokymia, when muscles twitch in the eyelid of one eye. Eye twitching usually does not last very long, but it is known to last up to a couple months.

There are several triggers that can cause eye twitching to occur including medications, stress, smoking, tiredness, strain, lack of sleep, caffeine, alcohol, allergies and nutrient deficiencies. If you need glasses and do not address it, this may lead to eye twitching. The symptom can be eliminated once the trigger is eliminated. Usually, after patients make a lifestyle change, the eye twitching relieves immediately. Another option is Botox injections, which may stop muscle contractions from occurring in the eyelid.

A couple neurological conditions that can affect the eye include blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm, which are not as common as benign eye twitching. Eye twitching can sometimes be the earliest sign of a chronic disorder, particularly when other facial spasms develop at the same time. Let’s take a look at the common causes of eye twitching.

Cause #1: Stress

It is natural to undergo stress, however when it becomes chronic, our bodies begin to manifest it in physical ways. One way in which stress may be revealed is through chronic eye twitching. If you suffer from vision problems, this can further be exacerbated.

Daily stress management is the best way to combat these types of issues. Consider taking up yoga or going on a morning walk in order to make room for yourself during your busy schedule. Spending time with friends or pets and getting your schedule organized can help relieve chronic daily stress. If the trigger for stress is more serious than that caused by daily activity, consider speaking with a therapist about it.

Eye Twitching

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