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Although normally harmless, eyelid bumps are sometimes painful or uncomfortable. They can also affect some individuals psychologically, as the unsightly appearance can cause embarrassment. There are many forms of eyelid bumps, including styes, chalazia and xanthelasma, all with their own symptoms and causes.

For example, the majority of styes are caused by bacteria or a blockage in the eyelid's oil glands. They appear as red lumps or bumps on the eyelid where the lashes meet the lid and generally go away on their own or with some simple home care.


A stye is red in appearance and manifests itself as a lump or bump on either the top or bottom of the eyelid. They can occur inside and outside the lid and can be tender to the touch and very painful.

Those infected can sometimes become sensitive to light and may experience watery eyes. They may also feel the need to rub the infected area due to itching. Rubbing, scratching or squeezing the eyelid bump should be avoided, as it could easily spread the infection to other parts of the eyelid or the other eye.1Staff, Familydoctor.org Editorial. ‘Sty - How to Treat Sties.’ Familydoctor.org, 2 Feb. 2021, familydoctor.org/condition/sty

Eyelid Bumps

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