10 Causes of Glaucoma

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Light enters into our eyes and is focused onto the retina at the back of the eye. The optic nerve will then send information about this light to the brain, which will then create a picture of the world around it. This is what helps us to know and understand what is all around us, but the eyes are prone to developing faults.

Inside the eye is a gelatinous liquid that allows light to pass through freely. In some people, this liquid can build up in the eye, increasing the pressure. This pressure can cause damage to the delicate optical nerve in a condition known as glaucoma.

There are various factors that can cause glaucoma, and it can lead to permanent loss of sight. This article looks at 10 of these causes.

Cause Of Glaucoma #1: Injury

The optic nerve is generally well protected from physical injury. Our skull provides a cage that protects it, but that does not make the optic nerve completely safe from injury. If it does get injured then this can result in glaucoma.

Such injuries are often caused by head traumas that occur near the eyes. Even if such a trauma has not occurred recently, past traumas can lead to glaucoma at some point in the future. If glaucoma does occur at the time of the injury then it is known as traumatic glaucoma. This can often be treated but the patient may still experience eye problems at some point in the future.


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