10 Causes of Knee Pain

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Knee pain can strike for a number of reasons and can be quite debilitating. The knees are very important joints that carry most of our body weight. If our knees are seriously hurt or injured, it becomes difficult for us to be physically active.

Knee pain can be chronic or acute. Acute knee pain occurs when you have an injury, inflammation, or any kind of temporary problem. It does not last and will go away on its own or because of medical attention.

Chronic knee pain, on the other hand, can be much more problematic. It is the result of illnesses or conditions like arthritis. These conditions can have consistent symptoms, or they can flare up depending on certain factors such as the time of day, a person’s diet, and their level of activity.

Cause #1: Tendinitis

Tendinitis is a condition caused by inflammation of the tendons. In the case of knee pain, tendinitis often occurs at the front of the knee. Jumper’s tendinitis occurs when someone jumps too high or too hard and especially repetitively, and often affects athletes, especially basketball players.

If you are suffering from tendinitis, you’ll probably notice that the pain becomes worse when you’re climbing, going up stairs or any sort of incline.

Knee Pain

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