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A chalazion is a bump that can be found on the eyelids. Whereas a stye is often painful, a chalazion is usually free from pain and has a rubbery feel about it. Another difference is that whereas a stye is caused by a bacterial infection, a chalazion is caused by a buildup of fluid due to a blockage, or by the fluids within being thicker than usual.

A chalazion will usually drain away itself within a few days or so without having done any harm. They can sometimes last longer, though, in which case you should arrange to speak with a doctor.

If they are a regular occurrence then you should try to get them checked out to see if there is an underlying problem causing them.

Cause #1: Seborrheic Dermatitis

Our skin is naturally quite oily. We will often try to wash this away, but it is not healthy for our skin to do away with it completely. The oil helps to keep our skin soft and supple, protecting it against cracking and other damage. The oily waxes are secreted from the seborrheic glands, which are found all over the skin.

Seborrheic dermatitis is a condition that causes the skin to become red and inflamed, along with other symptoms. It is caused by a type of yeast that thrives on the oils secreted by the skin. In addition to the redness and inflammation it causes, it can also lead to the formation of a chalazion.


Cause #2: Rosacea

Rosacea is a common condition that tends to affect people between the ages of 30–50. It causes the skin to become red, almost as though the patient is blushing. It can also cause bumps on the skin that have the appearance of acne. While it is still largely not understood, there are various treatments that can at least help to reduce the symptoms.

Rosacea is very visible, and it can leave people feeling very self-conscious of their appearance. In some cases, it can leave them reluctant to go outside and generally lacking in confidence overall. It can also lead to other complications, such as the formation of a chalazion.

Cause #3: Inflammation

The meibomian glands need a clear passageway to be able to secrete fluids to keep the eyes well lubricated. A chalazion is caused when the fluid is unable to escape. This is sometimes caused because the eyes are inflamed, causing the passageway to become restricted.

Such inflammation can be down to a number of reasons. Allergies are one possible cause, while injuries can also lead to inflammations. While it can be very difficult to resist, you should try to avoid rubbing your eyes if they are itchy. This is likely to cause inflammation, or aggravate any inflammation that is already present.


Cause #4: Acne

Sometimes, our hair follicles can become blocked with oils and dead skin. This can result in pimples, spots, blackheads, and whiteheads in a condition that is commonly known as acne. It mostly affects people in their teenage years, but it can also affect people well into their adulthood.

Keeping the skin as clean as possible can help to reduce acne, but not always. It can lead to a considerable loss of self-esteem as those with the condition can be very concerned about their appearance. In severe cases, it can even lead to the patient developing suicidal thoughts. Acne is one potential cause of a chalazion forming.

Cause #5: Injury

As we grow and develop, our glands and ducts grow and develop with us. This helps to ensure that the glands are able to continue functioning, with the ducts free to continue secreting fluids as needed. If you were to pick up an injury, though, then this function may be impaired.

Even the slightest of injuries might form scar tissue around the ducts, or perhaps block the duct in other ways. This can prevent the fluids within from being released, potentially leading to a chalazion. In such instances, you should arrange to speak with a doctor so they can help deal with the problem.


Cause #6: Infections

If a pathogen gets an opportunity to take hold in any part of the body, then they will take it. No matter which part of the body it may be, there will be a pathogen capable of moving in, potentially causing an infection. The eyes are no exception, and eye infections are not uncommon.

A fairly common type of eye infection is conjunctivitis. It is highly contagious and can be caught just by touching an object that an infected person has touched. Such infections can lead to considerable swelling and other discomfort and they can also lead to a chalazion forming.

Cause #7: Untreated Styes

Chalazions and styes are often mistaken for each other. It is an easy mistake to make as, after all, they do look more or less identical. However, despite their similarities, the two are actually caused by different things. Whereas a chalazion is caused by a buildup of fluids due to a blocked gland, a stye is caused by a bacterial infection of the gland.

Styes are quite common and can suddenly appear. They will usually pass before long but they can sometimes linger. It is best to deal with them if they do linger and this might sometimes mean antibiotics. If it does go untreated, it may well end up forming a chalazion.


Cause #8: Chronic Blepharitis

Chronic blepharitis is a condition that causes the near constant inflammation of the eyelids. This can be very irritating and itchy, causing the patient to rub their eyes a lot. It can also cause a burning sensation, and also lead to flaky skin. It can also lead to the formation of a chalazion.

While acute blepharitis is the term given to various infections and other conditions as already described above, chronic blepharitis is not so well understood. It is also very difficult to cure, although treatments are available that can at least help to alleviate the patient from the symptoms it causes.

Cause #9: Makeup

The cosmetics industry is huge internationally. Billions of people use cosmetics to help make themselves look better and it is something that is done by people from all walks of life. It is something that mankind has done for centuries and, for the most part, it is harmless. It is not without some minor drawbacks, though.

If you are not careful then your makeup might cause glands to become blocked. One way to avoid this is to be careful when applying makeup and also to make sure you wash it off thoroughly when you are done. Investing in quality brands can also help to reduce the chances of problems occurring.

Cause #10: Poor Hygiene

Throughout the animal kingdom, animals do what they can to keep themselves as clean as possible. This is very important because it helps keep them free from debris and microbes that might cause health problems. It can also lead to the blocking of glands, resulting in conditions such as a chalazion.

Hygiene is often easy to overlook, especially in our busy lifestyles. Still, it is as important as ever and you can end up suffering considerably if you do not keep yourself as clean as possible. Even missing a wash or shower can lead to something like a chalazion, so try to keep on top of hygeine as much as possible.


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