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The word “narcissist” gets thrown around a lot in pop culture. Often, it is used to describe a person who has a big ego and believes he or she is superior in all ways to other people. While it can be used in such a way, real narcissism is actually considered a psychological disorder. Most often referred to as narcissistic personality disorder, this is a condition where a person develops an inflated idea over his or her own importance. Characterized by a need for attention and an inability to empathize with others, narcissism can lead to a number of social issues.

Though a person with narcissistic personality disorder might come across as a braggart who believes he or she can do no wrong, those with this condition are usually very unhappy and feel a constant need to prove that they are better than others. Learning more about the signs, symptoms, and causes can be a useful way to understand the intricacies of this psychological condition.

1. Common Symptoms of Narcissism

As with most conditions that impact the mind, the symptoms related to narcissistic personality disorder can be varied. What’s more, these symptoms will usually range in severity depending on the person who is afflicted. Overall, those with this disorder will have and display an exaggerated idea of their own importance, which will usually come with a strong sense of entitlement. A narcissist might also need the people in his or her vicinity to provide consistent admiration and praise, expecting to be recognized as superior even when there’s no proof to back the claim up.

A common trait of narcissism is the habit of exaggerating achievements and talents. The person who lives with this condition might spend a lot of time in a “fantasy world” where he or she lives a very successful life filled with power and beauty. This can also lead to someone with narcissistic personality disorder refusing to interact with people he or she deems as being “less special,” and the person may try to take advantage of those who don’t fit this category.


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