10 Foods That Upset The Stomach

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Food is not only necessary for us, but it is also very enjoyable. Our favorite foods, well made, are irresistible and a delicious meal can really help to put a smile on our faces. While we usually take a great deal of gratification from our food, it can cause us some discomfort from time to time.

What food we can handle varies from person to person as some people have stomachs more sensitive than others. However, there are still some foods that are more likely to cause an upset stomach regardless of how sensitive you may be.

This article looks at a few of the foods you should avoid if you have a sensitive stomach.

Helpful Upset Stomach Food #1: Fried Foods

Frying foods helps to make them even tastier than they would otherwise be. The process can help to make certain foods crispy while also helping to make them delicious. Unfortunately, fried foods tend to be quite bad for us so they should be avoided where possible.

Fried foods also tend to not sit well in our stomach, which can become upset. The fat they are fried in also tends to be bad for us and fried foods are a leading cause of obesity. In addition, a lot of fried foods tend to be heavily processed, making them even less healthy for us.

Upset Stomach

Helpful Upset Stomach Food #2: Alcohol

After a week of working hard, many of us like to use the weekend to relax and just let our hair down. How we choose to do this varies from person to person, but quite often it will mean having a drink. Alcohol can be great when it comes to helping us relax and have a good time, although it is not without its negatives.

The dangers of drinking too much alcohol are well known, with alcohol and long-term health issues a very real possibility. Alcohol can also have short-term health implications, and an upset stomach is one of them. It is best to drink in moderation, while some types of alcoholic beverage can be less likely to cause an upset stomach than others.

Helpful Upset Stomach Food #3: Fatty Foods

Fats have a bad reputation but they are mostly very nutritious, and predators in the wild will often try to eat the fatty parts of their prey first. Those animals lead very different lives to us, though, and too many fats can be very bad for our health as humans. Fatty foods can also upset our stomach.

Fatty foods can have the effect of making our food pass through the digestive system faster than usual and this can mean diarrhea. Alternatively, it can also cause it to slow down and this can mean constipation. It is a good idea to try to limit the number of fatty foods you eat, although it is fine to include some in your diet.

Upset Stomach

Helpful Upset Stomach Food #4: Dairy

Dairy products are foods that are made from the milk of mammals. This means milk itself, and also other milk products such as cheese and yogurt. It is generally very nutritious with a high calcium and protein intake, although dairy products do tend to have a high fat content.

Dairy contains a type of sugar that is known as lactose. This is not usually a problem but some people lack the enzyme that is needed to break it down and this can lead to an upset stomach. Even people that do have the enzyme can experience problems if they consume too much dairy.

Helpful Upset Stomach Food #5: Processed Foods

Processed foods are generally very popular, partly because they are so convenient. They can often be prepared with minimal effort and a microwave is often all that you need. While their convenience may be very useful for us, they are usually not at all healthy for us.

Processed foods tend to contain cheap ingredients that are low in nutritional value. At the same time, they tend to be high in preservatives and other synthetic ingredients that are not good for our digestive system. As such, they are prone to causing an upset stomach while they are also poor for our health overall.

Upset Stomach

Helpful Upset Stomach Food #6: Acidic Foods

When we eat, our digestive system release fluids that are slightly acidic. These help to break down our food so that we can then absorb the nutrients within. The digestive system has a protective lining that protects us from these acids, but too much acid can still irritate it.

If you eat too many acidic foods such as lemons, oranges, and grapefruits then this can increase the acidity of the stomach’s contents overall. If this acidity gets too high, the result can be an upset stomach. Carbonated beverages such as soda can have the same effect as they are also acidic.

Helpful Upset Stomach Food #7: Caffeine

In the mornings, countless people all over the world will make a cup of tea or coffee. This is largely because they contain a natural stimulant that is known as caffeine, while they also contain some other compounds that help to give us a lift. This helps to prepare us for the day ahead.

Caffeine is not without its drawbacks, though. One of which is that it can cause your stomach to be upset. It is not only tea and coffee that contain caffeine; sodas, chocolate, and energy drinks also contain the stimulant. If you are prone to experiencing an upset stomach, you should try to at least limit the amount of caffeine you drink.

Upset Stomach

Helpful Upset Stomach Food #8: Expired Foods

It is very important that we maintain maximum food hygiene at all times. This doesn’t only apply to restaurants and factories, it also applies to our homes. Food should be stored in a fridge or freezer where possible and you should always be careful that any food you eat has not expired.

Expired foods can cause an upset stomach, while it is also important to be careful of cross-contamination. Pathogens like E. coli and salmonella can contaminate food if you are not careful. The symptoms can potentially be a lot worse than just an upset stomach and can potentially be dangerous.

Helpful Upset Stomach Food #9: Artificial Sweeteners

It is well known that too much sugar is bad for us. It is actually refined sugar that is the real culprit, with natural sugar like fructose not nearly as much to blame. In an attempt to reduce our sugar consumption, alternatives have been devised that provide the sweetness we crave but without the fattening properties.

Artificial sweeteners are popular among people who are trying to lose weight. Despite the obvious health benefits of cutting down the calories, artificial sweeteners can cause an upset stomach because they are hard to digest. They are often added to beverages like tea and coffee, while artificial sweeteners are also used in cakes and other sweet foods.

Helpful Upset Stomach Food #10: Spicy Foods

A lot of people like food that has a bit of a kick to it. Many people like the sensation that spices offer, while many spices also help to add flavor to certain foods. Some people will find the heat of spicy foods too much to bear, though. Other people will need to avoid them for other reasons.

As tasty as spicy foods can be, they can play havoc with the digestive system. They can stimulate and irritate it, causing our stomach to be very upset. The spiciness of the food can even lead to some discomfort when it comes to passing the food.

Upset Stomach

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