Stomach Inflammation Symptoms, Causes and More

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Those who experience stomach pain and discomfort may want to get tested for stomach inflammation, also known as gastritis. It involves the inflammation of the stomach lining and can have a number of possible causes. While some symptoms might be the same across the board, others might indicate very specific causes.

Ways of overcoming gastritis range from a change in dietary habits to chronic medication. While stomach inflammation doesn't always indicate a serious condition, it's worth having prolonged discomfort checked out by a physician. Serious conditions that may arise from gastritis include cancer and bleeding ulcers.

Understanding Acute and Chronic Gastritis

While they may seem like interchangeable terms, acute and chronic gastritis are quite different. Acute gastritis is caused by an infection or temporary inflammation of the stomach. It can commonly be resolved with the right diet or medication or a combination of both.

Chronic gastritis refers to long-term damage. This type of inflammation of the stomach lining requires a different approach to care, as it may lead to anemia because the body is unable to absorb Vitamin B12. Chronic gastritis may seem serious, but it usually doesn't cause too much discomfort or pain.

Stomach Inflammation

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