Head Lice Symptoms

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When we think of lice and other parasites, we tend to think of dogs, cats, and other pets. It is not only other animals that are susceptible to lice, however; people can catch them as well. One example of human lice is head lice, and they are fairly common, especially among children.

Head lice are often considered to be down to a lack of hygiene, but this is not necessarily the case. They are generally easy to treat and various products are available to kill the lice. They may be common, but head lice are not thankfully dangerous to us and are not considered to be a health risk.

1. Head Lice

Perhaps the most common type of lice in people is head lice. As the name clearly suggests, these lice will live in the hair on our heads. They make their homes in between our hairs where they get to feed on the blood that is flowing just beneath our scalp. Head lice tend to transmit from person to person, and they usually crawl from the head of one person on the head of another.

They are often found in school children because children tend to stay close to each other. On some occasions, whole schools will experience outbreaks as one carrier can infect many other children in a short space of time.

Head Lice

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