10 Home Remedies For Lice

By james
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Lice are tiny parasites that tend to live wherever there is hair on our body. They are most commonly found on our heads but some species will also be found in pubic areas. Here, they bite through the thin skin to drink blood from the blood vessels beneath.

Lice can be very itchy, while they can also spread disease. They tend to be found more commonly on children, partly because children tend to sit closer to each other.

There are products available that can help remove lice, most of which are quite effective. If you would rather not resort to chemical-based products then you could try making some home remedies instead.

Home Remedy #1: Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly, also commonly known as Vaseline, is a jelly-like substance that is a welcome addition to many first aid kits. It can help to cover and protect small wounds and can also act as an effective lubricant. Most homes have some and, if not, it is very easy to obtain.

Among its very uses is its ability to help kill head lice. It does this by helping to suffocate the lice and also effectively sealing off their food source, which is blood from blood vessels on your scalp. You should rub it onto your scalp at night before you sleep, making sure to cover your hair with a shower cap or similar.


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