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Lice are tiny parasites that tend to live wherever there is hair on our body. They are most commonly found on our heads but some species will also be found in pubic areas. Here, they bite through the thin skin to drink blood from the blood vessels beneath.

Lice can be very itchy, while they can also spread disease. They tend to be found more commonly on children, partly because children tend to sit closer to each other.

There are products available that can help remove lice, most of which are quite effective. If you would rather not resort to chemical-based products then you could try making some home remedies instead.

Home Remedy #1: Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly, also commonly known as Vaseline, is a jelly-like substance that is a welcome addition to many first aid kits. It can help to cover and protect small wounds and can also act as an effective lubricant. Most homes have some and, if not, it is very easy to obtain.

Among its very uses is its ability to help kill head lice. It does this by helping to suffocate the lice and also effectively sealing off their food source, which is blood from blood vessels on your scalp. You should rub it onto your scalp at night before you sleep, making sure to cover your hair with a shower cap or similar.

Home Remedy #2: Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is another item that can be found in many households. It is most often used when it comes to making foods and can be just what you need when it comes to sandwiches. It also has some other benefits which may surprise you, including the ability to help kill lice.

To use mayonnaise as a home remedy for lice, you should spread it all over your scalp. Put it on before you go to bed and cover your head with a shower cap once you have applied it. The mayonnaise will help to smother and kill the lice. It can take a few washes to remove, but the effort is worth it.


Home Remedy #3: Salt and Vinegar

Table salt and vinegar go together so well and are often a welcome accompaniment to many dinner tables. Together, they can combine to add some extra bite to meals that might otherwise be a little bland. It could also be just what you need if you are suffering from a lice problem.

To use it as a remedy, mix some salt well into some vinegar and apply to the scalp. The vinegar will help to loosen adult lice’s ability to hold onto hair strands, causing them to fall away, while it can also help to kill young lice. The salt also has the effect of dehydrating lice, which can also kill them.

Home Remedy #4: Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is extracted from the white flesh you find in coconuts. It is often used in cooking for its great flavor and aroma, as well as for its many health benefits. If you don’t already have it at home then you should be able to find some at a grocery store near you.

Spread coconut oil all over the scalp and you will smother any lice that are present, killing them in the process. In addition to helping to kill lice, coconut oil also helps to keep the hair nourished and healthy overall. Then there’s the matter of its wonderful aroma, which comes as another added bonus when it is applied to the scalp.


Home Remedy #5: Olive Oil

Olive oil, which is squeezed directly from olives in an olive press, has been used in cooking for thousands of years. It helps to add more flavor than other types of oil do and it can also be used in salads and a range of other dishes. It also offers various health benefits and is also sometimes used in remedies.

Olive oil can also be used to help kill head lice by smothering and suffocating them. To use it, rub plenty of olive oil into your hair at night and then cover it with a shower cap. It might be a good idea to use an old pillow and pillow case when sleeping in case some of the oil leaks out.

Home Remedy #6: Baby Oil

Baby oil, as the name suggests, is mostly used for the skin of young babies. It is very gentle on soft skin and can also help to protect and moisturize it. It is also used by many adults for its ability to soothe and protect delicate skin and can protect against chafing and other similar problems.

Another use for baby oil is that it can help to remove lice. Apply it liberally to the hair so that it traps and smothers the lice, preventing them from being able to breathe. Leave it in for a while and then use a lice comb to help remove the dead lice.


Home Remedy #7: Physical Removal

This is a method that is commonly used by our closest cousins: Bonobos and chimps. They will spend time going through each other’s hair removing any lice that they find. They will then eat whatever lice they find as a treat, although the last part is definitely optional to humans.

You too can go through your children’s hair looking for lice. This can help to at least reduce the numbers of lice and limit the extent to which they breed. Using a fine comb will also help you to find them. You will often need to use other techniques to get rid of them completely, but this method can definitely still help.

Home Remedy #8: Tea Tree Oil

The tea tree is found living naturally in Australia. Its leaves are used to produce an extract that we know as tea tree oil. It is sold all over the world and is used as a remedy for numerous ailments. One such ailment is killing and removing lice.

As with other oils, tea tree oil will smother the lice and suffocate them. Tea tree oil has an extra weapon up its sleeve, though, because it is also a powerful antiseptic. It is recommended that tea tree oil is used in this manner two to three times a week until the head lice have all gone.


Home Remedy #9: Garlic

The waft of garlic flowing through the air is a welcome aroma to most people. It can cause an unpleasant smell in our mouths after we have eaten, but the smell when it is being used in cooking is often irresistible. As much as we might like it, however, not all animals will agree.

You can use the strong smell of garlic in your favor when it comes to getting rid of lice. To use it, crush 10 cloves of garlic and make it into a paste with 3 tablespoons of lime juice. This concoction will create such a powerful odor that can quite literally suffocate the lice.

Home Remedy #10: Get Cleaning

Lice will move from person to person. They will often jump directly from one head to another, while they will also sometimes take a less direct route. Lice will sometimes jump from somebody’s head onto nearby pillows, cushions, soft toys, and so on. Here, they can wait for a couple of days until a suitable host comes along again.

One of the most important things to do when it comes to dealing with lice is to make sure that they are also removed from elsewhere. This means thoroughly washing clothes, bedsheets, and so on, to be sure that they cannot simply re-infest a person after they have been removed.

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