10 Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea

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Hibiscus is a large family of flowering plants that have a wide natural range. They are often used for their ornamental properties thanks to their often large and vividly colored flowers. In addition to being used for its good looks, the flowers are sometimes used to make hibiscus tea.

Hibiscus tea is known for its tart flavor, as well as its red color that it takes from the plant it is made from. The tea is popular around the world and is consumed either hot or as an iced beverage.

The beverage is high in vitamin C and is also thought to provide us with a variety of health benefits. Some of these health benefits are listed below.

Hibiscus Tea Benefits #1: Balances Cholesterol Levels

Too much cholesterol in our blood can lead to high blood pressure and blocked arteries. Or, at least, it is the bad cholesterols that can have this effect. There are also good cholesterols, and these are better to have around. Eating the right foods can help achieve a healthy balance between the different types of cholesterol.

One way to achieve this can be to complement your diet with hibiscus tea. Studies have shown that the tea is effective at not only decreasing the level of bad cholesterols in our blood but also increasing the level of good cholesterols. This means that drinking hibiscus tea from time to time can give our health a boost overall.

Hibiscus Tea

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