10 Home Remedies For Bags Under Eyes

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Our eyes are one way that we communicate with others. If someone’s saying one thing, a glance into their eyes can reveal whether they’re telling the truth, whether they’re enthusiastic, or whether they’re thinking about something else. Unfortunately, the skin underneath our eyes also tells a tale. If we’re communicating with someone while we’re boasting a pair of dark, gray bags underneath our eyes, we’re telling them a lot more: maybe we’re sick, maybe we didn’t get enough sleep, or maybe we’re dealing with a lot of stress.

Not everyone wants to walk around advertising the fact that they’re dealing with a lot of stress, however. This can bring on a lot of unwanted comments and questions, and sometimes it’s easier to just cover up the physical symptom until we’re able to deal with the cause ourselves. There are a lot of pharmaceutical products designed to help heal eye bags. However, these products are often expensive, filled with questionable chemicals, and may not be the best to put on our sensitive skin. For this reason, it can be a good idea to seek out some natural remedies for helping to clear out these dreaded eye bags.

In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the best home remedies for treating eye bags. Many of these remedies simply utilize herbs, spices, and foods that are fantastic for our skin in general—so if any of these remedies are able to help enhance the skin under your eyes, you can safely assume that they can help you enhance your skin in other areas.

Home Remedy #1: Cold Spoons

Many people notice that when their eyes are baggy, they also become a bit puffy. One of the best things to quickly manage this is to use a pair of spoons that you’ve been storing in the fridge or freezer (though be careful not to store them in the freezer for too long—if they get too frosty, they might stick to your skin!)

All you need to do is apply these cold spoons to the bags under your eyes. The cold will help to constrict the blood vessels in the area, which should reduce the swelling temporarily.

Bags Under Eyes

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