10 Home Remedies For Burns

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According to the World Health Organization fact sheet on burns, there were more than 410,000 burn injuries in the United Sates in 2008. Of these cases, 40,000 required hospitalization, meaning that 370,000 cases were less serious.

This would definitely suggest that although burns are a serious menace, a significant portion of them can be attended to at home. Note, however, that people who have suffered serious burns should be taken to hospital as soon as possible to prevent serious complications including death.

If you or a loved one suffers a burn, and especially a superficial burn, the following 10 home remedies for burns can be useful.

Home Remedy #1: Cool Water

Burns cause the skin to get hot, red, and swollen. This affects the blood vessels close to the skin and causes inflammation.

One way to reduce these symptoms is by immediately running a steady stream of cool water over the surface of the burn for about twenty minutes. While doing this, you must ensure that you do not use very cold water. Cold water would lead to extreme changes in temperature from too hot to too cold, which can reduce blood flow and worsen the burn injury. After running the cool water, you can use mild soap and water to wash the burn area.


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