10 Home Remedies For Sinus Infections

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Sinusitis, more commonly referred to as a sinus infection, is a fairly common condition that affects the nasal passageways. It generally happens when a person has too much mucus in the sinuses, which can be caused by excessive mucus production or something blocking the sinus.

The reason behind these issues can be the result of something like a cold or a flu, allergies, bacterial problems, or excessively inhaling toxins such as chemicals. Sinusitis can be temporary and can resolve on its own, but it can also be chronic and lead to regular discomfort. Viral sinus infections are actually more common than bacterial sinus infections, although the commonly held belief is the other way around. The one thing that this means for certain is that antibiotics may not be as helpful for clearing up a sinus infection as you might think. Viral sinus infections tend to last somewhere between a week and 10 days; bacterial sinus infections can last a bit longer. The symptoms are often similar, if not identical.

There are a number of things that someone struggling with a sinus infection can experience. Things like tenderness in the area, pain, excessive pressure and congestion, a runny nose, and a headache can all emerge as a result of a sinus infection. If you’re experiencing these things and want to find some relief from your symptoms, then it might surprise you to learn that there are many home remedies that can help you get rid of a sinus infection. Below are some of the most popular and effective home remedies for battling sinus infections.

Home Remedy #1: Water

One of the best ways to both prevent and manage a sinus infection is to ensure that you stay hydrated. If you’re not hydrated, then the mucus in your sinuses will become thick and will be harder to pass.

On the flip-side, staying hydrated ensures that the mucus in your sinuses will become much thinner. This means that the mucus—and any bacteria, allergens, or other substances that might be causing the infection—will be able to get out of your sinuses faster.

Sinus Infections

Home Remedy #2: Probiotics

Probiotics are often just associated with the health of our gut, but oftentimes people overlook the fact that the health of our gut influences our entire body. The gut composes a large part of the immune system, and if it’s not healthy then our immunity will suffer as a result.

For this reason, probiotics can be very useful for helping to restore health and balance to our gut and our immune system. Our immune system, which fights off bacteria and viruses, can then continue to ward off sinus infections.

Home Remedy #3: Oregano Oil

Oregano oil has been regarded as a powerful folk remedy for many years, and science is starting to catch up to the impressive benefits of this powerful oil. Oregano oil is a very powerful antibiotic that even compares to some of the ones that your doctor might prescribe.

Oregano oil, however, works as a much safer alternative to medically prescribed antibiotics. That said, oregano oil is still very powerful and it’s a good idea to use some probiotics afterward to help rebalance the flora in your gut.

Sinus Infections

Home Remedy #4: Manuka Honey

Honey, especially manuka honey, has more benefits than simply being delicious. Most forms of raw and unprocessed honey are actually powerful antibacterial compounds and can be useful for helping to ward off infections that may target your sinus.

Manuka honey is regarded as being one of the best honeys for medicinal purposes. You can probably find it in a health food store or in some pharmacies.

Home Remedy #5: Garlic

Garlic is another fantastic herb that has very powerful antibiotic and antiviral properties. It’s best to use organic garlic or, when possible, organically sourced.

Just like oregano oil, garlic is a very powerful antibiotic—especially when taken raw. If you’re going to be using garlic for any length of time to help cure a sinus infection, then you might want to take a probiotic supplement afterward to restore some health to your gut.

Sinus Infections

Home Remedy #6: Cayenne

Cayenne pepper might not be as powerful of an antibacterial compound as some of the above substances, but it certainly works fantastic as a decongestant.

In fact, any hot chili pepper will be great at helping to clear mucus out of your nasal passageways and your lungs.

Home Remedy #7: Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a powerful remedy that has been used to treat all manner of different things. It can be useful for helping to treat sinus infections, especially when mixed with some of the other ingredients in the list.

A drink made from apple cider vinegar, honey, garlic, and cayenne can be incredibly powerful for helping to ward off sinus infections.

Sinus Infections

Home Remedy #8: Warm, Moist Air

If you’re congested, one of the best ways to work around this is to breathe in warm, moist air. This is especially true for people who are living in hot or dry areas.

There are lots of different ways you can go about doing this. One way is to have a hot shower. Another way is to take a bath with some essential oils. A third way is to boil some water and put some healing herbs like garlic, ginger, or essential oils into the mix before breathing in the steam.

Home Remedy #9: Nasal Rinse

One of the best ways to clear a bunch of stuff out of your nose is to manually rinse your sinuses.

This can be done using something like a neti pot, a device designed to allow people to easily pour saline solution into their nostrils. This will help flush out any clogged mucus and bacteria.

Home Remedy #10: Rest

One of the most important things for someone struggling from an infection of any sort is to ensure that they get enough rest.

Resting gives your immune system time to do its job and gives the rest of your body time to recuperate.

Sinus Infections

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