10 Home Remedies For Sinus Infections

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Sinusitis, more commonly referred to as a sinus infection, is a fairly common condition that affects the nasal passageways. It generally happens when a person has too much mucus in the sinuses, which can be caused by excessive mucus production or something blocking the sinus.

The reason behind these issues can be the result of something like a cold or a flu, allergies, bacterial problems, or excessively inhaling toxins such as chemicals. Sinusitis can be temporary and can resolve on its own, but it can also be chronic and lead to regular discomfort. Viral sinus infections are actually more common than bacterial sinus infections, although the commonly held belief is the other way around. The one thing that this means for certain is that antibiotics may not be as helpful for clearing up a sinus infection as you might think. Viral sinus infections tend to last somewhere between a week and 10 days; bacterial sinus infections can last a bit longer. The symptoms are often similar, if not identical.

There are a number of things that someone struggling with a sinus infection can experience. Things like tenderness in the area, pain, excessive pressure and congestion, a runny nose, and a headache can all emerge as a result of a sinus infection. If you’re experiencing these things and want to find some relief from your symptoms, then it might surprise you to learn that there are many home remedies that can help you get rid of a sinus infection. Below are some of the most popular and effective home remedies for battling sinus infections.

Home Remedy #1: Water

One of the best ways to both prevent and manage a sinus infection is to ensure that you stay hydrated. If you’re not hydrated, then the mucus in your sinuses will become thick and will be harder to pass.

On the flip-side, staying hydrated ensures that the mucus in your sinuses will become much thinner. This means that the mucus—and any bacteria, allergens, or other substances that might be causing the infection—will be able to get out of your sinuses faster.

Sinus Infections

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