10 Ketoacidosis Symptoms

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We usually use carbohydrates, particularly sugars, for energy. However, diabetics are unable to process sugars as well as other people do, which means they are able to get little to no energy from these carbohydrates. This means that the body switches to an alternative energy source, which is fat.

When the body turns to fat for fuel, it creates ketones that allow the process. These ketones are a type of acid and, while safe in lower levels, they can begin to build up to dangerous levels. This leads to a condition known as ketoacidosis, and it is potentially fatal if it is not treated.

As such, it is a good idea for diabetics and other people to recognize the symptoms. This article looks at 10 symptoms of ketoacidosis.

Symptom #1: Nausea

Pretty much everybody has experienced nausea at some point. Whether it has lasted for a few minutes after a bumpy ride, or for days because of an illness, the vast majority have experienced it. It is usually down to something that is quite harmless, but it can also be a sign of something very serious.

Nausea is also a symptom that patients with ketoacidosis are likely to experience. What’s more is that the condition is also likely to lead to vomiting and this can lead to further complications. While nausea is not usually a cause to see a doctor, you should do so if the symptom persists.


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