10 Symptoms of Ocular Migraine

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If you’ve had a migraine in the past, and many people have, you will know they are generally typified as causing pain in the head.

This pain is often significant and can vary from person to person but migraines are not often associated with other symptoms. Some people with severe migraines, however, might experience flashing sensations.

Ocular migraines have the symptoms of other migraines, but they also tend to have more visual symptoms. They can be very uncomfortable and patients will often need to seek medical assistance to ease their discomfort. Ocular migraines can cause the patient to become unable to see clearly, albeit temporarily.

Symptom #1: Throbbing Headache

Headaches are very common. So common that we will often just dismiss them as one of those things, and something that will pass. Because they are so common, they are often not helpful in pinpointing the cause of a condition. Some types of headache, though, can at least help us narrow down the suspected causes a little.

Patients with an ocular migraine are likely to experience a headache that gives a throbbing sensation. They are also likely to last somewhere between 4 to 72 hours. Give this information to your doctor as it could be valuable information in getting to the root of the problem.

Ocular Migraine

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