What Is an Ocular Migraine?

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When it first occurs, it can be mildly disconcerting or even frightening. Patterns of shimmering zigzag lines or tremulous flashing spots may appear in your vision, making simple tasks difficult. Starting out small, the obscured area may grow until you want to stop whatever you are doing and just close your eyes.

Although you may not have any pain, you may be experiencing an ocular migraine. Knowing more about this condition will help you to better understand what is happening, what risks may be involved, how often they may occur, and what steps you can take to prevent the next one.

1. Definition

Ocular migraine can be a confusing term because people use it to signify different vision-loss events. Sometimes it can occur prior to or along with a migraine headache. If this is the case, other symptoms including pain will also be present. Very often, however, with an ocular migraine you will have no pain whatsoever and no discomfort beyond that which obscured vision may induce.

An ocular migraine is thought to occur when the blood vessels in the back of the eye swell, causing temporary visual symptoms of vibrating patterns and lights that make it difficult to see well. Although it is not generally considered to be serious, it can be disruptive, so managing the occurrences is helpful.

Ocular Migraine

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