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The pancreas is an important organ for us as it makes insulin, which is important for regulating levels of sugar in the blood. The pancreas also produces enzymes that help us to break down our food so it can be absorbed and metabolized by the body.

Sometimes, the pancreas can become inflamed in a condition that is known as pancreatitis. This makes it difficult for the pancreas to perform as it should, affecting our ability to process foods. It will cause us to struggle with fats in particular, so people with pancreatitis should try to limit their overall fat intake.

The list below looks at some of the foods that are suitable for people with the condition.

Food #1: Tuna in Water

Tuna is a popular food all over the world, and for very good reasons. Firstly, it is delicious and also very flexible. It can be found in a wide variety of dishes, ranging from simple snacks to 3-course meals. In addition to its taste and flexibility, tuna is also popular for its excellent nutritional value.

Tuna is high in protein and low in fat, making it ideal for people that are on a pancreatitis diet. It is also packed full of vitamins and minerals and can make up an important part of any healthy and nutritious diet. If you are getting canned tuna, just remember to get in in water, not oil.

Pancreatitis Diet

Food #2: Lean Red Meat Cuts

Red meats are packed full of important nutrients. With animal proteins, vitamins, and minerals, they can form an important part of healthy living diets. Red meats do often tend to be high in fat content, though, but that does not mean people with pancreatitis need to cut them out altogether.

Some cuts of red meat are very lean, minimizing the amount of fat they contain. What’s more is that it is often not necessary to use fats or oils to cook them in, further decreasing their fat content. Plus, of course, red meat is simply delicious and can be used in a wide range of dishes.

Food #3: White Meats

White meats such as chicken and fish are also very popular across the planet. They are found in a wide range of dishes, from salads to curries, and can be cooked in a huge variety of ways. They are also, of course, delicious and few people don’t enjoy eating them.

What’s even better is that white meats are low in fat, making them suitable for people on pancreatitis diets. They are also still full of animal proteins as well as important vitamins and minerals. Just remember to cut off the skin and other parts that are high in fat and also avoid cooking them in oils and fats.

Pancreatitis Diet

Food #4: Pasta

Filling and easy to use, pasta makes up an important part of staple diets around the world. Pasta is low in fat and high in fiber, although different types of pasta are available that provide different nutritional values. One reason for its popularity is that pasta meals can often be precooked and then kept in the fridge, making it ideal for people that are often busy.

When using pasta, bear in mind that sauces and other ingredients can contain a lot of fats and sugars themselves. One way to avoid this is to use only fresh ingredients, and there are countless recipes to use.

Food #5: Rice

Rice is another type of food that is a staple food source for millions of people around the planet. The grain is easily cooked and works well with a huge variety of dishes. It has found itself as a common ingredient in cuisines from all over the world.

As with pasta, the nutritional values of rice-based meals will depend largely on the sauces and other ingredients that have been used. Again, cooking from scratch will help provide the nutrition you want, as well as providing a better taste. While rice is often used as an ingredient in main meals, it is also sometimes used as a side dish.

Pancreatitis Diet

Food #6: Tea and Coffee

Every morning, millions of people reach for a cup of tea or coffee for the caffeine fix that will give them a perk. Many, of course, will drink them throughout the day as well. In many countries, these beverages are so popular that they have become entwined in the fabric of their societies.

The good news is that they are also fine to drink if you have pancreatitis. Just remember, however, that additives such as sugars and creams can change that. Try to drink them without additives if you can, or consider looking for alternatives that are low in fat content.

Food #7: Fruits

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” It may sound cliché, but there is some truth to this old saying because apples are packed full of important vitamins and minerals. They are also very low in fat, making them suitable for people that are on pancreatitis diets.

Of course, apples are not the only healthy and nutritious fruits you can enjoy. There is a huge variety to choose from. They can also often be eaten just as they are, which also makes them a very convenient snack. Also remember that some fruits such as avocados are high in fat content and should be avoided.

Pancreatitis Diet

Food #8: Vegetables

It is recommended that vegetables should be eaten with most meals to help ensure a healthy, balanced diet. Vegetables have very high vitamin and mineral contents and are important for our overall well-being. They are not everybody’s favorites, but there is no doubting the benefits that vegetables provide us with.

Vegetables also have little, or in most cases, no fat. This makes them suitable for people that are on a pancreatitis diet. There are also many types, so hopefully, even people that are not veggie fans will find something they can eat. Bear in mind that it is also important to eat proteins and other nutrients that vegetables are lacking.

Food #9: Whole Grain Bread

Bread can be found all over the world and has been a part of many cuisines for hundreds, even thousands, of years. There are also many different types of bread from the raised loaves we are familiar with in the West, to the flat, unleavened breads of the Middle East and Central Asia.

Bread is also a very good source of fiber and other important nutrients. It is also low in fat, making it suitable for people that are on a pancreatitis diet. Remember, though, to get whole grain breads as these are generally lower in fats and sugars. It is also healthier to try and avoid bread using mass-production techniques where possible.

Food #10: Low Fat Dairy

Go into any kitchen and you are likely to find dairy products of some form. Dairy is an excellent source of nutrition for us. It contains protein, calcium, and a range of other vitamins and minerals. It can also be used as ingredients in a wide range of dishes, and also in snacks on its own.

Dairy is often high in fat, though, making it unsuitable for people on a pancreatitis diet. Fortunately, there are many low-fat dairy foods available so you won’t have to miss out after all. This is great news because dairy is often important for a nutritious diet. Plus, of course, it tastes great.

Pancreatitis Diet

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