What Are Shin Splints?

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If you exercise heavily, particularly long-distance running, you may experience shin splints. This common condition can range from uncomfortable to debilitating. Find out what causes this condition, prevention strategies and treatment options today. Don’t let mild discomfort continue to grow and affect your exercise routine, but find out how to prevent and treat this condition and restore your favorite hobby or workout routine.

1. What Are Shin Splints?

Also known as medial tibial stress syndrome, shin splints are caused by stress on your shinbone, connective tissues and attached muscles. There are many symptoms, causes and risk factors associated with this syndrome.

Thankfully, this inflammation and pain can typically be relieved by rest, gentle stretching and ice. After a period of rest, your pain should reduce and your performance should return. For extreme pain or long-lasting inflammation, talk to your doctor or healthcare practitioner for more information on treatment options or other possible causes.

Serious pain similar to this syndrome can be caused by a stress fracture, so it’s important to stop your exercise routine until you’re sure that your shinbone isn’t damaged. Find out more about common risks, causes and other symptoms of this common syndrome.

Shin Splints

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