Signs of DVT

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It is very important that we take good care of our cardiovascular system. We need it to be in good condition for the sake of our health, and our very lives can be at risk if there is a serious problem. Unfortunately, there are problems that can arise, even in people that are otherwise healthy.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is the medical name for a blood clot in one of your veins. Depending on the severity of the clot it can restrict the flow of blood through the body. It can also lead to further complications that can be extremely dangerous for the patient. The following are signs of a DVT in the leg.

1. No Symptoms

Deep vein thrombosis is potentially a very serious condition. However, that does not mean to say that all people with the condition will show serious symptoms or problems. Indeed, a lot of people with the condition will have no symptoms at all.

Even if there are no symptoms, however, it does not mean to say the condition is harmless. It often does not take long for the condition to worsen to the point where it can be an immediate danger, if it isn’t already. Regular check-ups can help to spot problems early on in their development, making treatment easier.


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