What Is Thrombosis?

By james
Reviewed: Dr. Gromatzky
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It is essential that we keep our cardio vascular system in good working order as much as we possibly can. Otherwise, we can experience considerable difficulties in terms of the supply of oxygen and nutrients around the body. This can lead to poor health and, in severe cases, it can even be fatal.

This includes ensuring that our blood vessels are kept clear of blockages so that blood is able to flow freely. Problems can sometimes arise, however, and one example of this is thrombosis. It is a potentially very dangerous condition, but it can still be treated when it has been diagnosed.

1. Platelets

There are a number of different types of cells flowing through our circulation, all of which perform some very important roles. One of these is platelets and they are very important when we injure ourselves. When we are injured, a message is sent out and these platelets will begin to stick together to each other, with the help of fibrin.

This forms a plug, and this plug prevents blood from flowing freely out of any wounds, potentially saving our lives. Sometimes, however, our blood can clot inside our blood vessels when there is no such injury, and this can block the flow of blood through the vessel to the rest of the body.


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