10 Signs of Stomach Cancer

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Cancers can develop pretty much anywhere in our bodies. Including the inhospitable, acidic environment of the stomach. Cancers can develop on the stomach lining and then begin to grow, slowly taking over. They can cause a range of unwelcome symptoms, and they will quite often lead to a fatality.

As with other types of cancer, the chances of survival increases significantly with early diagnosis. Stomach cancer tends not to show symptoms early on, though, meaning that it often does not get noticed until it is at an advanced stage. It can be treated with surgery to remove the tumour depending on the size of it, although it may be too late if it has already spread.

Stomach Cancer Sign #1: Appetite Loss

In today’s society, a lot is made of the need to keep in good shape and not gain too much weight. It is very reasonable advice because, after all, obesity can lead to various health complications, some of which can be very serious. Just as important, though, is that you make sure you eat enough. Not enough nutrition can be very harmful to you.

Patients with stomach cancer can find that they experience a significant loss of appetite. This is a problem because they will need all the nutrition they can get to help fight the disease. It is important to try and continue eating no matter how much you might not feel like it.

Swollen Lymph Nodes

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