10 Symptoms of a Sprained Wrist

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Reviewed: Dr. Gromatzky
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Our joints are held together by tough, stringy tissues known as ligaments. In addition to being strong, they are also flexible to help make sure that our joints can move while holding everything firmly in place. Despite their flexibility, however, it is still relatively easy to stretch them too much.

A wrist sprain is an injury where the ligaments in the wrist have been overstretched. This can be very painful and can also lead to a range of other symptoms. If you do suspect you have sprained your wrist then you might need to arrange to see a doctor. Severe cases can require treatment and surgery might even be necessary if the ligament is torn.

Symptom #1: Pain

Pain is not a nice sensation. It is so unpleasant that it is sometimes used in torture to make people completely submissive. When we pick up certain injuries the pain can be difficult to bear. Often, though, we have no choice but to bear it.

A sprained wrist can be very painful indeed. At the time of the injury, the pain can be sharp and intense and it will not usually pass quickly. The intensity of the pain can lead to people requesting painkillers but they should always be used with caution.

Sprained Wrist

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