10 Swollen Feet Remedies

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Swelling of the feet is a fairly common problem, especially among the older population. It may even affect the legs, calves, and eventually the thighs.

There are many causes of swollen feet. In painful swelling, it can range from infection, injury, or even something more serious. Swelling of the feet is not a disease but rather, a symptom of an underlying disorder. It is best to seek medical advice from a medical professional if you are experiencing swollen feet as you may have a serious underlying condition. Meanwhile, here are some remedies that may be able to help you with swollen feet.

Swollen Feet Remedy #1: Rest

Since there are many causes for swollen feet, the treatment or remedy for it also depends on the underlying cause. For most, the swelling of the feet and ankles can be reduced just by resting their feet and putting it up. By putting your feet up, there is less gravity pull and it also helps the circulation in the feet back to the heart. It is even more effective if the swollen part is elevated above the level of the heart. This can be done by placing pillows under the heels while the individual is laying down. Use caution and speak with your doctor about using this technique if you have severe swelling/edema due to congestive heart failure.

Swollen Feet

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