Symptoms of Lyme Disease in Dogs

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The same ticks that cause Lyme disease in people will also bite other animals, including dogs, if they get the opportunity. This means that the same bacteria can be transmitted, resulting in an equivalent disease. Lyme disease can be a problem for dogs, and the disease shares a lot of similar symptoms with the human equivalent.

The ticks that cause the transmission are generally found in wooded areas and in long grass. It can difficult to keep dogs out of these areas as they want to play and explore, so they can be at quite a high risk of being bitten. As such, it can be a good idea to know what signs to look out for.

1. Delayed Symptoms

In some cases, a dog might not show any symptoms of Lyme disease for a year after the infection, or even longer. This is not good news because symptoms alert us to the fact that something is wrong. Without knowing anything is wrong, the disease can be spreading to the rest of the body.

When the symptoms do arise, they can sometimes last for just a few days before disappearing again. Over the next few weeks or so, the symptoms can continue the cycle of disappearing and reappearing. In cases where the patient is not treated properly, the symptoms can continue to recur some months after the infection.

Lyme Disease

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