Can Humans Get Fleas?

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Fleas are very small animals that feed off the blood of other animals. They obtain the blood by biting through the skin to access the blood that’s flowing through blood vessels below. Fleas are very common and there are numerous different species, each more or less adapted to living off certain animals.

When we think of fleas, we usually think of pets and wild animals and it is not uncommon for us to have to treat pets that have developed an infestation. People are animals as well, however, so there is no reason why we cannot be affected by fleas also. Here’s a look at whether or not humans can get fleas and how they affect us.

1. Can Humans Get Fleas?

To answer the question bluntly: Yes humans can get fleas. After all, we are big bags of blood and, to a flea, this is a banquet in the making. They are able to bite through our thin skin just as they can with other animals so, as far as a flea is concerned, humans are fair game.

The good news is that while flea bites can be uncomfortable, they are not usually anything to worry about. While fleas have been the bearer of potentially dangerous pathogens in the past, this is not currently the case. Severe infestations could also lead to health problems, but severe infestations are very rare in humans.

Humans Get Fleas

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