What Is a Fever Blister?

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Our lips are made of soft, sensitive tissue. They are also exposed to the elements, and these factors make them quite vulnerable to ailments. They can become cracked and sore and they can also pick up infections after coming into direct contact with pathogens. Such problems with our lips can be very uncomfortable, as well as unsightly.

One example of such an ailment is fever blisters, and they can be very painful to endure. They are also quite common although, thankfully, they are not a serious disease. In the majority of cases the patient will make a complete recovery from the symptoms, but some will find that the symptoms return.

1. Cold Sores

Cold sores are another commonly used name for fever blisters. They are typically small blisters that are filled with fluid, and are often found in groups around the lips. These blisters will burst, and scabs will then form on the lips and the sores will likely heal completely within 2 weeks or so.

Fever blisters are highly infectious and are spread from person to person. They are caused by a type of virus, and there is as yet no known cure for the disease. They are unlikely to cause problems for the patient, but they will result in complications in a small number of cases so treatment for them is recommended.

Fever Blister

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