What Is a Hemorrhagic Stroke?

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The cells in our body need oxygen. The gas is necessary because it allows cells to generate their own energy. Without oxygen, our body’s cells will die, and this is why we are continually breathing all day, every day. If something was to go wrong with the supply of oxygen to our body then we could end up in serious trouble.

Things will sometimes go wrong with the system that helps ensure our body is supplied with blood. The blood vessels that carry our oxygen laden blood can develop problems such as blockages or breakages. When this happens to the vessels supplying blood to our brains, it can result in what is known as a stroke.

1. Stroke

Our brains need a constant supply of fresh blood. This blood delivers the nutrients and the oxygen that our brains need in order to function. Such is the amount of work that our brains go through, they take up a sizeable bulk of our body’s total oxygen consumption.

If the supply of oxygen to the brain’s tissues is cut off or limited, the brain will begin to switch off, and brain cells can die. This is a very serious condition known as a stroke, and it will be fatal in some cases. There are three main types of stroke, and these are ischemic strokes, hemorrhagic strokes, and transient ischemic attacks.

Hemorrhagic Stroke

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