What Is Cerebrovascular Accident?

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Blood travels throughout our body in a system of tubes that we tend to call blood vessels. It is essential that these tubes remain in good condition to help ensure that the blood gets to where it is needed. Unfortunately, these tubes are prone to being damaged and developing other problems.

If blood vessels are too weak, the pressure of the blood within them can cause them to break open. There is also a chance that these tubes can become blocked, meaning parts of the body will no longer be supplied with blood. If this means that blood can no longer flow the brain, it results in an extremely dangerous situation known as a cerebrovascular accident.

1. Cerebrovascular Accident

A cerebrovascular accident is a condition where blood has been stopped from flowing to the brain. It is a very dangerous condition that is more commonly known as a stroke. There are two main types of stroke that people can suffer from. These are a hemorrhagic stroke, or an ischemic stroke.

A stroke is a very serious medical condition and the patient should be found emergency medical assistance without hesitation. There is a very real chance that the stroke can be fatal, but getting medical assistance quickly will significantly boost the patient’s chances of surviving, and even making a full recovery.

Cerebrovascular Accident

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