What Is a Human Papillomavirus Infection?

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Millions of Americans are affected by various sexually transmitted infections every year. Some are bacterial in nature and can be cured with a course of antibiotics or other treatment options. Some are viruses that can remain in the body indefinitely with outcomes ranging from no symptoms to life-threatening complications.

If you are infected with human papillomavirus, you may be asymptomatic, so it’s possible to pass it on to a partner without knowing you have it. If you do notice symptoms, it’s important to talk to your doctor to discuss treatment options and safety precautions to protect yourself and others.

1. What Is a Human Papillomavirus Infection?

Human papillomavirus, often referred to as HPV, is typically a sexually transmitted infection, but it can also be passed from simple skin-to-skin contact. There are over 200 types of HPV, and many of them can enter your body without producing any sign that they have done so. Only about 40 of them affect the mouth, throat and genital areas.

Most cases of HPV are so mild that many people don’t know they have it until they visit their doctor for their annual checkup. It may show up on a test before it shows any symptoms in your body. While there is no cure, there are ways to manage HPV and prevent complications.

Human Papillomavirus Infection

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