What Is a MRSA Infection?

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Bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens evolve. It is the main reason some people are advised to get a regular flu jab. Evolution means these pathogens can evolve to become resistant to our immune systems, and this means our immune systems will have to learn how to fight them again.

As they evolve, certain pathogens will also develop a resistance to the drugs that we use to fight them. This puts us in the potentially dangerous position of having to deal with diseases that we cannot cure. One example of this happening is MRSA, and it is something that has many people in the medical industry concerned.

1. Antibiotics

The discovery of antibiotics was something that revolutionized modern medicine. It meant that infections were no longer as dangerous as they used to be, and countless lives were saved. It also meant the open surgery was far less of a risk than otherwise, opening up new opportunities when it came to healing people. Antibiotics are very common and you have likely even used them yourself at some point.

That they have been used so freely has presented a problem – however. Bacteria, like other biological organisms, will evolve generation on generation. Their exposure to antibiotics has meant that they have been able to evolve a resistance to them. This means that the antibiotics we have now are ineffective at combating certain bacteria.

MRSA Infection

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