What Is Rubella?

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Some diseases have been all but wiped off the planet, thanks largely to vaccines that give our immune systems the ability to fight the disease themselves. However, these vaccines are not available everywhere, meaning that the disease will still likely be found in some places in the world.

One such disease is rubella, which is only a mild disease for most people. However, it can be dangerous for some so it should always be treated accordingly, and pregnant women in particular will need to be extra careful. Treatment is not usually necessary, and the symptoms will usually only last for 5 days or so.

1. Rubella

Rubella is a contagious disease that used to be far more common than it is now. It is also called three-day measles, or German measles, but it is not the same disease as measles. Rubella and measles do share many of the same symptoms, however. Rubella is not usually a serious disease for most people.

Many people that have rubella will not even be aware as they will show no symptoms whatsoever. When symptoms do show, they are usually only very mild. It can pose a very real problem for some people, however, so it should not be treated with complacency.


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