What Is a Scabies Rash?

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Developing a rash on the skin can seem innocuous at first. Everything from switching laundry detergent to getting a bug bite can lead to minor rashes and irritation. Still, there are times when a discoloration and itchiness of the skin can mean something more serious.

A scabies rash is such a condition because it is the result of the body dealing with a mite infestation. Learn more about scabies to understand how to spot the signs of infestation and find a suitable treatment.

1. What Causes Scabies?

The scabies mite is a microscopic arthropod that lives on the skin of several species of mammals. While humans make an excellent home to mites, animals such as domesticated cats and dogs, large apes, boars, and koalas are also susceptible to mite infestations. In humans, a mite affliction occurs due to prolonged skin-to-skin contact with others.

The more crowded the conditions, the easier someone with scabies can transfer the rash to another. According to statistics, scabies can impact people across all walks of life, social classes, and backgrounds. In many cases, developing a scabies rash comes down to being in the wrong place at the wrong time rather than any personal hygiene habits.

Scabies Rash

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