What Is Scabies?

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There are many species of mites. Many species are parasitic, and we are most likely to encounter them when they infest our pets. They are unlikely to cause your pets any real harm, but they should still be treated as soon as you find them. There are also species of mite that can infest people.

Most of the mites that can infest people will live in our hair. One species, however, will live just beneath the surface of our skin, causing a condition known as scabies. Scabies is not usually harmful, although it can be very uncomfortable. It will progress to something more serious in a small number of cases, although such an infestation is treatable.

1. Scabies

One type of parasite infestation that can affect people is scabies. It is caused by a type of mite that burrows under the skin, and this burrowing can cause intense itchiness. It can be extremely difficult to resist scratching the skin, and this can result in further problems arising.

Although scabies can be very uncomfortable, it is still unlikely to cause any serious health problems. It is, however, very contagious and a single case can easily result in an outbreak, especially in environments where people stay close together. The infestation is treatable, and treatment is recommended to help prevent complications arising.


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