What Is a Stye?

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A stye or sty, is an infection that affects the eyelid causing a small bump, tenderness, and swelling. A stye usually affects only one eyelid and can occur anywhere along the edge of the eyelid at the base of an eyelash. It can also affect one of the tiny glands in the eyelid.

A stye that develops at the base of an eyelash is called an external hordeolum, while one that develops in one of the glands of the eyelid is called an internal hordeolum. Styes are quite common and a majority of people get one or more during their lifetime. The condition usually does not interfere with the patients vision.

1. Causes of Styes

The cause of a stye is usually staphylococcus bacteria. These bacteria, present in the nose of almost everyone, get into the eyes through touching. Once the bacteria get into the eye, they may find their way into one of the oil glands on the eyelid where they multiply and cause the infection that presents as a stye.


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