What Is a Viral Infection?

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Viruses are tiny germs containing genetic material encapsulated inside a protein coating. Viruses cause many different illnesses and diseases, ranging from mild to life-threatening.

It’s estimated that there are more viruses on the earth than there are stars in our universe. To keep yourself safe and well, it’s important to learn as much about viruses as possible, and what you can do to treat them if you become infected.

1. What Is a Viral Infection?

When a virus enters your body, it hijacks your healthy cells and uses them to reproduce more copies of itself. It’s like the virus takes over and creates its own little factory inside your body. Different types of viruses attack different types of cells. For example, some attack the respiratory system while others attack the blood or specific vital organs.

If your immune system is healthy, you may not even know that you have a virus. A healthy immune system can often fight viruses off before they have a chance to cause significant illness. However, even people with healthy immune systems may still become very sick from certain types of viruses.

Viral Infection

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