What Is Nipah Virus?

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Learn more about the rare zoonotic virus found primarily in Asia. Nipah virus is a viral infection that is transmitted from animals to humans and can cause a number of serious symptoms. It can even affect animals, such as pigs, which causes economic difficulties for rural farmers.

While this virus is relatively rare on a global scale, a number of serious outbreaks have occurred in affected regions. Explore the symptoms, treatment options, prevention strategies and more to learn more about this virus. Discover how the World Health Organization and other agencies are working to develop a vaccine and eliminate worldwide cases.

1. What Are the Symptoms of Nipah Virus?

Some cases remain asymptomatic, meaning individuals present no symptoms of an infection. Common symptoms include headaches, fever, muscle pain, sore throat and vomiting. As the viral infection progresses, it can lead to more serious symptoms.

More severe symptoms include drowsiness, altered consciousness, neurological issues and encephalitis. Other individuals experience pneumonia, a coma or respiratory issues. A large percentage of cases are fatal. Approximately 20% of individuals experience long-term neurological issues as a consequence of Nipah virus. Many other cases report a full recovery.

Nipah Virus

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