What Is Achalasia?

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The esophagus is the name of the tube that goes from the back of our throat down to our stomach. It essentially allows us to eat food, so it is very important for us. It is also more than just a simple tube because it has muscles that help to push our food down. Achalasia is a problem where these muscles no longer work as they should.

The condition can mean that the patient can have difficulty eating, and it can also cause a number of other unwelcome symptoms. There is no known cure, but treatment is available that will help the patient to be able to eat properly again.

1. Achalasia

Achalasia is a condition where the patient finds it difficult to pass food from their mouths down to their stomach. It happens due to nerve damage, which eventually causes the esophagus to become paralyzed. This paralysis means the muscles of the esophagus are unable to contract, which would otherwise be able to push food down into the stomach.

This means that food can then remain trapped in the esophagus, and here it can begin to ferment. This fermented food will often end up back in the patient’s mouth. It will cause a very bitter taste, and the condition will often be mistaken for reflux.


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