What Is Black Hairy Tongue?

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When you hear about the condition called black hairy tongue, it may sound dangerous. Luckily, this condition is temporary and harmless, even if it looks and sounds alarming. Like many benign conditions, black hairy tongue can be treated if it is causing concern for the patient.

1. How Did Black Hairy Tongue Get the Name?

It is not surprising that a condition referred to as black hairy tongue got its name from its appearance. When the condition begins, the surface of the tongue takes on a dark-colored appearance that can progress to nearly black. Instead of black, the tongue can sometimes appear yellow, green or brown depending on the cause and the severity.

Although the tongue also appears to be coated in hair, this is not the case. The tongue surface is covered with small papillae that begin to lengthen with build-up when a patient develops black hairy tongue. These elongated papillae begin to look like little hairs on the surface of the tongue and can grow considerably longer than usual.

Black Hairy Tongue

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