What Is Depersonalization?

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Our minds are capable of some extraordinary things. We have an incredible ability for abstract thought as well as an imagination that can take us to worlds that exist only in our minds. With something so complex and so deep, however, it is also inevitable that things can go wrong.

Some people will find that their own brains make the feel as though they are not themselves. It can be a terrifying and distressing condition, and it is also one that we know very little about. Treatment is available that can help the patient manage the condition and, hopefully, help them to live a relatively normal life.

1. Depersonalization

Depersonalization is a phycological disorder in which the patient feels as though everything around them is not real. Another sensation they can experience is that they are outside of their own body and observing themselves. It can feel as though the patient is dreaming, even when they are awake.

Many people will experience depersonalization at least once in their lifetime, but it is only usually short-lived. For some people, however, the sensation can occur frequently, and it might persist all the time for some people. It can be very disturbing for the patient in some cases and it can have a severe negative impact on their quality of life.


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