What Is Dysmorphia?

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Many of us like to be looking at our best, particularly when we are around other people. This means that we are likely to spend some time working on our appearance, and some people are likely to spend more time on it than others. This is quite natural, but it can be problematic in some people.

For some people, their appearance can become an obsession in a mental health disorder known as dysmorphia. They can become so concerned about their appearance that they will find flaws that other people cannot see. It is most likely to happen in teenagers, and it is a condition that should be taken very seriously.

1. Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Dysmorphia, also known as body dysmorphic disorder, is a condition where the patient becomes abnormally concerned over even the slightest of perceived flaws in their appearance. In many cases, the patient will be overly concerned over a flaw that is relatively minor. It might be a slight blemish somewhere on their skin, for example. At other times, there may be no distinguishable flaw at all.

It can concern them to the point where it has a considerable impact on their day to day lives. It can also lead to some very severe complications. It is a condition that will likely mean the patient will need to be found professional assistance.


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