What Is Dumping Syndrome?

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Dumping syndrome is a condition that occurs in people that have just had surgery on their digestive system. Usually, food will enter into the stomach where it will wait until the small intestine is ready to receive and process it. In dumping syndrome, however, the food will pass straight through to the small intestine faster than usual.

This results in a number of unwelcome symptoms. One symptom is a rise in blood sugar levels, and late dumping syndrome means low blood sugar levels because of the excess production of insulin that was created to handle the high levels of sugar. Treatment mainly includes managing what you eat and how much, and the symptoms should gradually subside as the body adjusts to the surgery.

1. Bloating

There is nothing unusual about feeling bloated after eating a large meal. Our stomachs can only hold so much food and gas will also be produced as a result of the food being broken down. Some medical conditions, however, can make us feel bloated more so than is usual. Many patients with dumping syndrome will find that they feel bloated far more easily than they usually would. This can be quite uncomfortable at times and they might need to exercise more control over how much they eat. The symptom is a direct result of food and stomach juices moving into the small intestine too quickly.

Dumping Syndrome

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