What Is Legionnaires?

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The interior of our lungs is lined with tiny sacs that are known as alveoli. These sacs contain capillaries that allow oxygen to pass through so it can be absorbed by the blood. The sacs also help to increase the surface area of the lung’s interior lining, thus increasing the rate of absorption of oxygen.

Pneumonia is the medical term for an infection of the lungs. The infection causes the alveoli to become inflamed and this makes it harder for the patient to get oxygen from the air. It is potentially serious and there are different types of pneumonia. Legionnaire’s disease is one of the most serious of all types.

1. Legionnaires’ Disease

Among the most dangerous of all types of pneumonia is Legionnaires’ disease. It is also a relatively common type. It is contracted by inhaling bacteria that is found in soil or water. It is rare to catch it when at home in developed countries, but is more commonly caught in places like office buildings and hotels.

Many people will not develop problems even after being exposed to the bacteria responsible because their immune system will be able to protect them. People that have a weakened immune system, however, will be more likely to develop problems. People who smoke are also in a higher risk category.


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