10 Pneumonia Causes

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As animals that take our oxygen from the air, we are reliant on our lungs for the oxygen that we need. As the lungs inflate and deflate, so they suck in fresh air and expel carbon dioxide. The oxygen in the air we breathe in can then be absorbed into the blood stream through the thin walls of tiny blood vessels.

Being able to absorb oxygen is dependent on the health of the interior walls of the lungs. If they were to become inflamed then they would become less able to absorb oxygen from the air. This can occur if the lungs become infected in a condition known as pneumonia. It can be very dangerous, and there are numerous potential causes.

1. Pneumonia

Pneumonia is the technical medical term for an infection of the lungs. The infection can cause the lining of the lungs to become inflamed, and tiny air sacs to become filled with fluids. This can result in some very unpleasant symptoms, which can also be very dangerous.

Pneumonia is likely to cause a fever and chills. It is also likely to cause coughing as the patient coughs up fluid that accumulates in the lungs. Worst of all is that the condition can make it very difficult for the patient to breathe. There are various potential underlying causes for the condition.


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