What Is Liver Pain?

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Your liver is an organ that sits on the right side of your abdomen and is protected by your rib cage. In relation to the other organs in your body, the liver is rather large, weighing around 3 lbs on average.

The liver’s main function is to clean waste out of the body and break down fats during digestion. To function properly, the organ must be in good working order. Certain conditions and illnesses can affect liver function and cause pain.

1. What Is Liver Pain?

When people experience liver pain, it is usually because they have some type of injury, illness or disease that affects the organ. Any pain involving the liver should be taken seriously because it could be an indication of a serious medical condition that requires prompt treatment.

Liver pain may come on suddenly or gradually over time. The way it manifests depends on the underlying condition causing the pain. If you ever experience this discomfort, it’s important to visit your doctor or go to the hospital, depending on the severity of the pain. As with most conditions, catching and treating liver conditions early could give you a better treatment outcome than if you wait too long to receive medical care.

Liver Pain

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