What Is Malaria?

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Since mankind has been on Earth, we have faced some very real threats from the natural world. There was a time when this would mean dangerous predators, but we have also been under threat from dangers so small that they are not visible to the naked eye. They have the potential to be very dangerous for us indeed.

Some pathogens throughout history have been notorious killers, taking many lives throughout history. Many of these diseases are much less of a threat to us nowadays with modern medicine and preventative methods. Many still exist, however, and continue to pose a threat to people living in certain parts of the world. One such example is malaria.

1. Mosquitos

Depending on where you live in the world, mosquitos are likely to be a common problem. Female mosquitos feed off the blood of other animals, including human blood. They have a needle-like mouthpart known as a proboscis which allows them to penetrate skin to reach the blood below, which they can then drink freely.

We don’t usually notice mosquitos when they are drinking, but we will often notice afterward. Their bites can be very itchy to the point where it can be unbearable for some people. In addition to the discomfort, mosquito bites can also spread disease. One of the most notorious of these diseases is malaria.


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