What Is the Common Cold?

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Diseases are very common, and most of us will likely fall ill at least once a year or so. The good news is that the vast majority of the time, these illnesses will be mild. In most cases, it will mean we have to take a few days off work, and we will make a full recovery even without medical assistance.

Perhaps the most common disease of all is the common cold, and very few people will go through life without ever having caught it. The symptoms of the disease are usually only very mild, although they can still be enough to ruin somebody’s week. The common cold will be dangerous in a very small percentage of cases.

1. The Common Cold

The common cold is a type of viral infection that affects the upper respiratory tract. This typically means that your nose and throat are affected. The symptoms of a common cold can be uncomfortable, but they are not usually harmful. The common cold is such a common disease that even the healthiest of people can expect to catch it at least once a year.

There are numerous types of virus that will cause a common cold. As it is a viral infection, antibiotics cannot be used to cure it, but the patient’s immune system is strong enough to deal with it in the vast majority of cases.

Common Cold

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