What Is Thyroid Disease?

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All day, every day, our bodies are performing countless different functions. We tend not to notice, but these functions include things like the digestion of our food, processing food for energy, the beating of our heart, and so much more. These functions need to be all working well in order for our good health to be maintained.

Helping with the functioning of these functions are chemicals that are produced by our bodies. These chemicals are known as hormones and they are manufactured in our glands from nutrients in our food. There are numerous different glands in the body the produce different hormones, and one of these glands is known as the thyroid gland.

1. The Thyroid Gland

The thyroid is a small gland that is found in the neck. We don’t usually know it is there, but it performs some very important functions for us. This is mainly the production and secretion of hormones that are important for the day to day functioning of our bodies.

Some people will develop problems with their thyroid gland, and this can impact the levels of hormones in our body. It has the potential to make us quite ill and the more severe cases can even be dangerous to us. When the thyroid is affected in this way, it is generally known as thyroid disease.

Thyroid Disease

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